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VR/AR Experience

AR Park Signs Background Information


During the school year, the students kept journals documenting their Ik ka nutsi experience.  As part of a class project, students were asked to look through their journals and find stories and ideas that they would wanted to share and create into park signs for a narrative trail.  With permission from Elder Darrell to share the stories and knowledge, students selected key themes that interested them and began creating a series of park signs that shared some of the information that they had included in their journal.  Students brainstormed, collaborated and worked together and eight park signs were co-created with the central themes of stewardship, the importance of water, plants, animals including the birds, patterns/cycles and the circle, the wonders of the sky, and interconnection. Elder Alvine Wolfleg Eagle Speaker reviewed each of the signs and offered feedback.   Students then discussed how they would like to share these signs.  Alberta Parks was contacted to see if the students could make their signs into a brochure or narrative trail at Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park.  QR codes were discussed as another option for sharing these signs. The opportunity of placing QR codes at the park became a reality. Students worked with Elders to record themselves reading the signs.  In addition, an augmented reality piece was added.  The students were able to work with a tech company and provide feedback on what they would like to see added to their signs as these signs turned into an augmented reality experience. Having the students take a central role in creating the final project was such an engaging, authentic, and powerful learning opportunity.  A trail with these QR code signs will be located at the day use hiking trail in Wyndham- Carseland Provincial Park. It is planned to officially open in the fall of 2021.  This will provide the public with an opportunity to learn from the Elders, community liaisons and students and take a glimpse into the ik ka nutsi experience. Below are links to the park signs, Wyndham- Carseland Provincial Park information, and a few of the QR codes/AR experiences.










VR Experience Information
The VR experience provides an opportunity for people to experience Wyndham- Carseland Provincial Park even if they are unable to visit the actual location. The VR tour takes you down to the park virtually and you are able to tour of some of the key spots where students visited on a regular basis.  This multi-dimensional tour also provides an opportunity to hear the park signs the students co-created and hear some of the stories shared by Elder Darrell.  This tour gives the viewer an opportunity to experience the wonders of nature and the power of place-based learning. Completion of the VR experience is scheduled for the end of June 2021 and will be located below.

Walking Tour

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