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Learning Blackfoot

Elder Alvine Wolfleg Eagle Speaker, from the Siksika Nation, has taught Blackfoot in a variety of educational settings.  This section contains a series of short videos of Elder Alvine Wolfleg Eagle Speaker introducing the Blackfoot alphabet and sounds, basic greetings and introductions, colours, numbers 1-10 and some animals.  There are also a series of posters (pdfs) that correspond with many of the videos and can be printed off and used to assist with the lesson(s).

Introduction/Greetings, Pronunciation and Spelling


Blackfoot Sounds

Make it Fun, Mouth Moving Hand Movement

Steps and Strategies for Acquiring the Blackfoot Language

More on Greetings and Blackfoot language learning (sounds, mouth mo


Animal Names

Hand Gestures as Communication

Descriptive Language

Variations in Dialect

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