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Powerful Learning Model


“Powerful Learning leads students towards a deep understanding when they are inspired with a sense of 'awe and wonder', inspired to see and hear others’ perspectives, insights and questions, and make new connections. It occurs when learners are immersed in a culture of thinking and when the development of understanding is the primary goal of learning. This requires a growth mindset and habits of mind such as open-mindedness and persistence, as well as a thinking disposition, including critical and creative thinking.”

The Ik Ka Nutsi Program follows the Golden Hills Powerful Learning Model:

This program focuses on:

  • Design of authentic, rigorous units of study based upon the Blackfoot curriculum

  • Integration of strategic instruction (clear learning goals, meaningful assessment pieces, meaningful design tasks, questioning)

  • Creating engaging learning environments and learning connections (play, discovery, imagination, curiosity, problem solving, participation, critical thinking tasks, virtual component)

  • Cross-curricular connections (also reinforces the Science, Language Arts, Social, Health, and Physical Education Curriculum)

  • Authentic tasks- students are engaged in being able to observe, interact, collaborate and create with experts in the community including Siksika Nation (Application of the lessons taught)

  • Thinking culture- Finding patterns and connections to related concepts (similarities and differences)

  • Engaging and inclusive physical learning environment (real life situations)

  • Virtual learning environment-utilizing technology in a meaningful way allows students to connect with others while exposing them to new ideas and experiences

  • Connecting and contributing- highlighting interconnectedness and relationships (Well-being, connection with Elder, connecting locally/community and globally)


This program creates a deep understanding by:

  • Learning that involves surface, deep and the transfer of ideas- not just gather knowledge, but apply knowledge

  • Learning that sticks

  • Learning that is built on innovation relative to key problems and issues

  • Learning that engages the world to change the world

  • Learning that creates citizens of tomorrow today (stewardship, sustainability)

Learn more about Powerful Learning.

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